One of El Caldito’s outstanding strengths is the ability to function smoothly and reliably through the exclusive utilization of its dedicated corps of volunteers. During our 2016 fiscal year, we had over 700 volunteers, some of whom volunteered weekly, some monthly, and some only a day or two. Most of our volunteers work in the kitchen and some “rescue food” (gather food donated by the community and transport it to the soup kitchen).

Volunteers are recruited by word-of-mouth, through R.S.V.P., and by internet and local newspapers listings. There are wide daily fluctuations in the number of volunteers, depending on the local school calendars, the number of persons assigned by the courts to do community service, the number of students who perform community service as part of course work, the season, various church projects, etc.


Groups are welcomed to volunteer together. However, they must be coordinated and approved in advance. Please use the form to submit your request, and volunteer coordinator will follow up with you as soon as possible!

Not volunteered for El Caldito yet, but want to…

Please either

  • Complete the form toward the bottom of this page and click the Submit your inquiry! button
  • Or, call our Volunteer Coordinator at 575-636-0423

You will be contacted either by email or phone within 1-3 days to start setting up the initial day for you to volunteer. Both your availability and daily crews in need of additional volunteer workers will be coordinated by our Volunteer Coordinator before you start volunteering. Then, you will be expected by the day’s crew leader the day you start. New volunteers are given on-site orientation to kitchen procedures by experienced workers. There is no formal training program. Volunteers are expected to “sign in and out” to indicate the number of hours worked each day.

A different group of volunteer workers staffs the soup kitchen every day of the week. The Kitchen Manager plays a crucial role in maintaining food-handling standards, use of available supplies, and consistency of food service to clients.

To download the Waiver & Information Sheets, please click HERE. Read the information sheet and complete the waiver before you start to volunteer. Please bring the completed and signed waiver with you the first day you volunteer.


Under 15 – Must be accompanied by a responsible adult

Attire: Kitchen volunteers wear clean clothes and closed-toe shoes. Shoulders and midriff are covered and pants or jeans are worn around the waist. Longer shorts are acceptable.

Hair is covered, using a hairnet, baseball cap, bandana, or other head covering, and long hair is tied back. Hairnet is provided.

An apron is worn in the kitchen and disposable gloves are worn when handling food. Gloves are changed between tasks. Apron and disposable gloves are provided.

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